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F-Chem specialises in the procurement and sales of sulphur, urea and DAP for the fertilizer, chemical and mining industries.

With the economic expansion of emerging countries such as India, China and Brazil, the demand for fertilizers and therefore sulphur and other products such as Urea and DAP has sharply risen.

Similarly the increasing demand for metals across the word has had a huge impact on the need for sulphuric acid and sulphur.

At F-Chem, we aim to leverage on our knowledge and expertise in the energy industry, as well as our established global network of local partners, to source the raw materials from sulphur rich areas and supply it to the fertilizer, chemical and mining industries.

Through its excellent trading and logistical capabilities F-Chem is an essential conduit linking producers and consumers in different parts of the world.

F-Chem's financial capabilities allow the company to enter in long term off-takes and provide financing through commodity pre-payments.

F-Chem has drawn together a solid international team of market professionals who not only have an in-depth understanding of the commodities market from a physical and financial perspective but who also have a long and successful track record in the freight industry.

The team can boast of an in-depth knowledge of niche markets and strong transaction structuring skills as well as excellent banking relations and access to financing. We have a very strong ‘on the ground’ presence in China, India, Morocco and Brazil.

Elemental sulphur is today predominantly a by-product of the extraction of oil and gas. Sulphur is therefore found in regions such as Russia, the Middle East and North America where most of the oil and gas production is concentrated.
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Urea fertliser are produced by a reaction of liquid ammonia with carbon dioxide at high pressure. This forms ammonium carbamate which is subsequently dehydrated to form urea.
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F-Chem International SA

is an integrated shipping & trading company specialised in sourcing and marketing raw materials, fertilisers and other chemical products for the fertiliser, chemical and mining industries.

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Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is the world’s most widely used phosphorus (P) fertliser. It is produced by combining phosphoric acid with ammonia.

The inputs required to produce one ton of DAP fertilizer are approximately 1.5 to 2 tons of phosphate rock, 0.4 tons of sulphur (S), to dissolve the rock, and 0.2 tons of ammonia.

It is widely produced in granular form for direct application as a fertilizer or for blending with other types of fertilizers, and in the non granular form for use in liquid fertilizers. DAP is stored and transported as a solid at ambient temperatures.

DAP is very popular due to its relatively high nutrient content and its excellent physical properties.